The Guardabarranco hostel is named for the recognition of the national bird of Nicaragua by Decree No. 1891, published in La Gaceta No. 194, of August 27, 1971. That Guardabarranco is the national bird of Nicaragua. It is a bird of small size, short rounded wings and long tail feathers with the end shaped snowshoes. Their legs are short and fingers without 'dactiles'. The bill is long and wide.

This colorful bird is easily recognized by its long tail topped by two blue feathers. They feed mainly on insects. Cavan its nest in a hole in the ground to lay their eggs. They can be seen in the forests of Nicaragua, especially the Southwest. The set consists of 3 or 4 white eggs, deposited directly on the ground, where they are hatched.

Scientific Name: superciliosa Eumomota

Common Name: Guardabarranco